Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I was playing around with my Say MMM account, actually I was looking for ideas for dinner, using what I had on hand, and learning how to use the menu/shopping list options.  They have a new feature over there, you can add up to 100 recipes for the free version, free is good, (paid version is unlimited recipes, add cost of ing, and track nutrients/calories $3 month) anyway, you can now add a link to a recipe online, and it will add the ingredients for you, and make up not only a shopping list but a "check to see" list as well.  The "Check to see list is for things in the pantry you usually already have on hand.  Your shopping list can be done in categories and/or stores.  This makes is easy for me to pull it up, check off what I have, pull out my iPhone, pull up my Grocery Gadget (I have the $5 paid app) click items in, and go, or have my husband pull it up on his phone while he is in town.  I can even enter a barcode on most items and it will pull up the price, and add tax for me-cool huh?

What did I decide on for dinner, a recipe from entered the link, and there it was, in my list!
Beef Stroganoff-MMMMM
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