Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Backing up your files is key to helping your computer run smoothly as well as keeping your sanity, not to mention saving you money.  How can it help you save money?  Well for a small investment you won't run the risk of double purchasing.

Yesterday we starting organizing our files on our computer.  Today start transferring those files to either disk or a flash drive.

I just open My Documents, fix the window to the size I want, open My Computer, click on the drive I am transferring to, size it, and then drop and drag.  If you are just starting, just take the whole folder over.  If you already have a flash drive or a RW Disk you can add to the folders you already have there.

I mentioned saving money earlier. As I was going through some files a week or two ago, I noticed I had 2 or more files that were for school, and not only were they the same subject, they were the same topic. Most of these were freebies I picked up, but some were purchases. I also have many free patterns for crafts and sewing I need to put on a Flash Drive and keep with my sewing stuff, I will make a list for these, so I don't purchase one later.

I have tons of things to move and tomorrow my Mother-In-Law is taking my daughter and I for a panty run, we are headed to Sulphur Springs to the outlet stores to stock up on socks, stockings, and yes, undergarments.  So, I am off to catch up on laundry, transfer my files, and make a music CD or two for our road trip.

Happy Organizing,

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