Wednesday, November 25, 2009


OMG, I just got my hands on a copy of Leslie Valeska's new book

and I am just beside myself with joy!!!!
I just finished reading through Leslie's book and I am so excited!!! It was everything I had hoped for and more. Having all these wonderful ideas in one place is going to save so much time. Leslie also shares her journey through a "scrooge" stage in her book, come on, who hasn't had one of those? Although this book comes out in time for Christmas, it is not just for Christmas gift giving, it can be used year round, and even better, there are ideas for hard to buy people in there too. She also shares many recipes for jar gifts, I am thinking about taking some of my unused Mason Jars and making up a few to have around here for when I am in a time crunch, you know gifting yourself!!!! That idea alone is worth the cost of the book, not to mention not having to spend time searching through all those bookmarked internet pages.

I had heard her talk about putting this together I think it was last Christmas. This is one I am going to not only back up on my flash drive (had a computer crash last year) I am printing this one out. I have seen several of the ideas in her book on the internet, and even have a few (25 at least) bookmarked, but I honestly cannot remember what is where, and it would take me all day to find the one I want. Leslie has taken the time to put all of those ideas in one place for us-God Bless her!!! Imagine, having all these wonderful tips and ideas all in one place AND right at your fingertips. You can even start making next years gifts right after this Christmas, hit the sales and get started, have a few made up and then you will never miss gift giving occasion. Also, if you are making gifts in a jar, NOW is the time to stock up on jars, canning season is over and some stores (if they still have them in stock) will be reducing them for a short time. Hit the scrap corner in your fabric store, invest in some zig-zag or decorative fabric scissors and make "fancy" covers for your jars.
Just some of the ideas mentioned.....
Lots & Lots of Jar Gifts (again ALL in one convenient place)
Bath Salts & Body Scrubs
Gifts for men
Kids Crafts
Make your own bags.
And an extensive list of other ideas, like
One of those home made Heat/Cold Therapy Pillows-My husband just bought me one made out of flannel with rice in it. I use it like the hot water bottles of old-warm it up and put it in the bed where my feet go, MMMMMMMM nothing like roasty-toasty toes in the winter.
Having all of this all in one convenient place is priceless, as my time is valuable and searching the internet is a huge time sucker as I am sure you know. Act quickly and you may still be able to catch the discounted price. Get a copy for yourself and buy another for someone you know that loves to make home made gifts, (please remember sharing is not only illegal but also not the Christian thing to do).


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