Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday

Black Friday is coming, why they call it that I have no idea. I will admit, I have gone to 2 or 3 of these, and I picked up some GREAT deals. However, it is not worth getting trampled over. I saw on TV last night that Old Navy will be open at 3 AM. I'll also admit, this was exciting, my daughter is hard to fit, she is a 12 long and about a 6 wide. We love to hit the Old Navy Sales because we can find clothes that fit, and look great, and I also love their T-Shirts, they wear well, wash well, and I love the way they fit and they are made to last. Their T's will be on sale at 3 AM this Friday for $5. If I had the money, yes I would be there. Another place to consider hitting for BF is Best Buy, they hand out coupons in the parking lot prior to opening their doors. They ask what products you are there for, hand you the coupon, and when the store opens, if you have a coupon, you get the product. When they run out of coupons, they are out of products, no trampling. This year Wal-Mart will be handing out the products, we'll just see how this goes, I have heard of people grabbing items from others buggies when they weren't looking, or just grabbing their buggy and making a run for it. I have never been to WM during the rush of BF, I went a few hours later, and I did manage to find the 10 Hot Wheels car set for the $5 sale price, I have a grandson, and let's face it Hot Wheels are still cool. I wish they would do the BF sales in increments online, most stores, including Wal-Mart, have free shipping to the store, you just go to customer service and pick it up. Some years I just want to throttle the first gift giver for Christmas, but that is another post entirely, Christ died so we could live, not kill each other over a sale.

The links to sales have now been deleted, as the sales are over. I did leave the sites up however, for those looking for ideas for Christmas shopping.


GREAT resource, I have a couple of their free pages and bought the Latin & Greek Word Study Pages, they are perfect if you use English From the Roots Up!!! Debra is a homeschool mom, she teaches 6 of their 7 children, and has worked very hard to create and share these amazing products.

Next is Teaching Good Things.....
I love Kathy's wit and humor, I even added her as a friend on my Face Book account so I could get more of it. Last spring we joined in on their Gardening challenge but, we got so busy in the garden we did not have time to update our Garden Posts. Need some ideas for a Home Made Christmas?

Next is Graham Family Ministries...
I have Sheri's Holiday Combo Pack, it was given to me, and although I am not currently using it this year, I did use it last year and loved it. I probably need to use it this year, but we have everything covered and will not be at our home for the Holiday's so there is really no need at this time, and gifts are covered, it's just baking a few things I need to write down. That is the beauty of planners like Sheri's, just print out what you need. (I also have and LOVE Sheri's Menu planner by the way it contains a recipe for casserole soup-cream of......., her Season For Giving is on my wish list!!!)
Click here to view more details

If you celebrate Advent or have a Jessie Tree in your home for Christmas try this. We used this last year, and may use it again this year, if I can find a place for a tree that is. I save my juice can lids, the pictures in the book fit nicely on them, just put a hole for string, past the picture, string & hang!!!
Click here to view more details

Earlier I mentioned some ideas for a Home Made Christmas, here is another one.
Leslie Valeska has put together an ebook full of ideas called Gift Giving From the Heart. I have seen several sites on this, and I have about 25 bookmarked, but I hate going through them all (even though 15 of them are on the same main site) because I have to track them all down, weed through them, print them out (hubby HATES buying more paper) and well you get the idea.... Leslie has put several GREAT ideas in one place. You don't even have to print it out, just make sure you save a copy on disk or your flash drive, computers are man made after all. I have Leslie's Simply Frugal Beauty ebook and LOVE it, in fact I am planning on buying a binder and putting a copy in it for my daughter for Christmas, she just turned 11!!!

Living on a Dime

Living on a Dime is a GREAT resource for ideas for gifts for others and yourself. I have not yet purchased any of their products but I do know several who have and love them. I do receive and love the newsletter and often visit their blog, both are awesome!!!! Know someone who needs help financially these days, here is an idea...

If Lapbooking is your thing....
Try a Journey Through Learning. I have a friend who uses their lapbooks and is very happy with them.

A Great Place with some AWESOME resources and some great freebies is Hold That Thought. They also offer a free CD......Receive a FREE CD with your order! If you post this offer on your homeschooling blog or tell at least 2 other homeschoolers about us we will send you a free CD. We have decided that instead of spending money on advertising we will reward you for promoting our products instead. When you order a CD from us, all you have to do when you are checking out is write the name of the CD you would like us to send you free of charge in the “comment” section (it needs to be at least the same price or less than the CD you are purchasing).

And let's not for get the QUEEN of Sales (Oh & Binders too) Cindy Rushton.
Cindy is having a huge half off sale on EVERYTHING in their store. Hop on over and check out all the goodies there, and sign up for her emails. You can even take a listen to one of her shows. I am unable to listen live lately, but I am catching up on her Proverbs 31 study, it is AWESOME, as are all of her shows, chats and talks. If you have a wish list for any of Cindy's items, now is the time!!!

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  1. AH_HA! Juice can lids! Perfect! I've started saving them, but Lindy forgets often so I only have about 5.
    We are making a windchime from the No Greater Joy calendar.


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