Monday, November 3, 2008

Need some inspiration?

I don’t know about you but from time to time I just need a breath of fresh air. Well, sometimes I need some spiritual CPR, someone to breath life into me. Having said that, I have a folder in my email box that is called Devotions for Saturday. I subscribe to several e-votions, and such and rather than skim that down or just skip over some, I save them for Saturday mornings. Saturday mornings are mine. That simple, from the time I get up till noon is mine. My kiddos are older, (22, 20, 12, & 10) but still Saturday’s have been mine for some time. I either allowed some cartoons or sleeping late or such.

Back to CPR, I read these evotionals, that I just cannot get to, or are to long to read at that moment, for Saturday morning. From time to time I will take what I call God stops, where I just read a devotional, evotional, or just some scripture. I want to share with you a couple of my favorite writers of those evotionals. For Encouraging, Inspiring, & Supporting women on the journey to godly womanhood, there is Leslie Valeska. For a Heart Changing Place in a front porch atmosphere there is Kathy Butryn. Then for Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness, there is Phyllis Sather.

Leslie is very real, very down to earth and teaches life, the simple way. She rolls up her sleeves and deals with debt. Yet all the while guiding us in our journey to godly womanhood in a simple easy way. Need help simplifying your life, check her site out.

Kathy Butryn had been a voice in the darkness to me. Sometimes I get an evotional from her and I say to myself “self, you are not alone”. She reaches out her hand and pulls you up and out of the darkness, and helped bring a joyous anticipation to the birthday of the Christ child to my life. Oh, and her daughter is getting married soon, stop by and wish this new family well.

Phyllis Sather has a wonderful planner she put together, I have heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Phyllis’s weekly evotionals have been funny and light, yet to the point. This weeks evotional is her testimony. She peels back the layers and bares all. If you do nothing else this week stop by her site, bookmark it and save it. You may not need it but someone you know or will know just might.

These three ladies, I now consider them my sisters in Christ, have just been such a blessing to me and I wanted to bless them by sharing them with you. Please go by and meet them, maybe even sign up for their newsletters and evotionals, you will not regret it.
Valerie Neal

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