Saturday, November 3, 2012

In His Presence 11/3/12

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We all have seasons in our life, not just the natural seasons, but often times we discover in our soul (our breath, our mind, our feelings) we have more than one season at a time going on.  Whether you are a new wife, new mom, seasoned wife and mother, SAHM, or work outside the home mom, sometimes there's a blessing season at home, struggle season at work, with friends, or other family members, and still yet another season with your or your husbands career that are affecting us all at the same time.  I recently thought I was going through a dry season, yet what I discovered was that it was a desperately needed rest season.

Sitting and resting is not something I do well, but it was just what I needed.  The funny thing is how I discovered what I needed, or rather the way God revealed it to me.  I was tired, I don't mean catch up on sleep tired, I mean weary in the soul tired.  I finally hollered at God, Hey-I've spent years ministering to others, what about me, it's my turn.  About that time that old song came to mind, "It's me, it's me, it's me O'Lord, standing in the need of prayer".  He told me to shut up and sit down (I would not have heard Him otherwise).  That's it, sit down and shut up.  No further instructions.

Most of the time, He will lay it out for me, bit by bit, but not this time.  I learned long ago to do what He said to do until He told me different.  Just like Dory in Nemo, just keep __________.  So I sat.  I have to have some background music or ministering on, or my mind wanders, and at times not even that works!  So I loaded up some podcasts on iTunes from a few different Cowboy Churches.  I love the way they tend to tell it like it is.  I don't like sugar coating, bull, or beating around the bush.  I'm a lot like Joe Friday on Dragnet, "Just the facts mam".  One church Northern Colorado Cowboy Church had a series on being whole.  God has been using that to still me and refresh me, it's worth checking out.  If your looking for a Cowboy Church online that has the worship service included than Cowboy Church of Ellis County is the place to go.  Be sure to check out the sermon dated 8/12/12 with guest David Crane, you'll be sure to receive a blessing, and stay in stitches laughing the whole time.

God also used a local station I listen to on iTunes (many places in Texas are considered local, but still 3 hours away), East Texas Country Gospel, which you can listen to online or on the free app shoutcast.  Two songs that really just lifted my spirits were "If God Had a Facebook" by the Sammy Glass Family (listen to a sample HERE), and "If Jesus Was On Facebook" by Mark Carmen.  Take a couple of minutes to give them a listen, and get a blessing.
What seasons have you been through, which season are you in, where are you going?  I have two grown sons, and two kids still at home (teenagers), so I am approaching the empty nest season, but I will not be alone, for He is always with me.

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