Friday, December 25, 2009

Last Minute Holiday Tips & Year Round Gift Giving

I ran across something last year I had planned on using this year, but alas hubby took over wanted to be in charge of gift giving this year, so I let him.  I still want to share with all of you however, so happy reading and many, many, blessings to your and yours.

First Tip
For Next Year from Daily Generous Tips for Wives 

As you move through the holidays, take note of those things that work and don't work.  Write the info down and tuck it with your holiday items in storage for next year or tuck it in the holiday section of your household binder.  You won't likely remember next year what worked well and what didn't.  A few notes this year can save you a bit of hassle next year and keep your holidays meaningful and organized.

Organization is not an option, it is a fundamental survival skill ... Pam N. Woods.

Second Tip
Budget 101 is an AWESOME place to get some GREAT ideas for gifts, I ran across this printout last year (at bottom of page) and it is not just for Holiday giving, it can be used year round to make sure everyone gits the perfectly thoughtful gift.

Happy Gift Giving,


  1. Oh, what great tips. I will have to check out the Budget 101!! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

  2. I agree, it's easy to remember what worked and didn't work for next year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and thanks for stopping by Theta Mom!


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