Friday, February 20, 2009

Total Home Overhaul-Master Bath

Well, it is the end of the week for our Master Bathroom in our Total Home Overhaul. I just snapped a few pictures here to show you what our Master Bath looks like. I want to start with the sink. Yes, I am VERY aware that I am putting a picture of a broken mirror on the world wide web. I want to share that there was a time that not only would I NOT post a picture like this, but there was also a time that I would not have bothered cleaning the sink area and/or mirror with it broken. Yes, I do clean a broken mirror, just makes the view from the camode a little nicer. As we move on from our Master Bathrooms, I want to say to those of you who did not get to finish overhauling the MB, make it a goal to clean and keep clean the sink area. This does not mean stop cleaning the toilet, and focus on the sink as I would have done in the past. Did you realize that in most homes in America the toilet is cleaner than the kitchen sink? What this means is if you drop one carrot in the sink and one in the toilet, you are better off eating the one from the toilet? Why, because at least the toilet gets rinsed. For me personally, keeping the sink area clean, inspires me to keep the rest of the bathroom at least straightened up. Now I did not post pictures of under the sink because it is a little full, I have a foot bath that needs to find a home, right now it is renting a space under the sink, just to keep it out of sight. If you look closely, you can see I need to wipe the cabinets down, they have tootpaste on them, but I will get to that later today. I know a mom who had problems with kids getting toothpaste all over the sink and counter. Of course each one said "Not Me did it". What she did was to buy each child their own toothpaste, what they did not know is each kind was a different color or a gel or paste. Within 2 days she had found the culprit. Just thought I would share that, someone may need it, now here I know who gets the toothpaste all over my master bathroom, and it is certainly "Not Me".

Okay, here is the view when you walk in the door. Yes, I know there is an exercise bike in my bathroom, I put it there, only place for it to go for now. The shelves and window are full of egg cartons that have our seedlins in them. 16 different kinds of tomatoes, every color of Bell Peppers exccept purple (I even picked up a Coca Cola Colored Bell). To check the progress on those head on over to my garden blog.
Next, is Garden Tub & Camode. I love being in that tub, I HATE cleaning it, it hurts my back, so what I usualy do is before getting out, wipe the sides down, and when I clean it I use my mop.
Next is the view of the shower and sink, the towel from hubby's shower last night is hanging to dry, I will run it through a 10 min dryer cycle with a dryer sheet to "freshen" it up. My thoughts are you get in the shower, you get clean, the towel can be used 2-3 times. This saves you money on buying so many towels because they have frayed, saves you money on running the washer (electricity & water) and saves wear and tear on your wahser.

Well, that is my Master Bath, it usually takes about 12-15 minutes to maintain, depending on how well I keep the sink area and tub area clean. I need to get in my shower and clean it, but I do that while taking a shower so next time I hop in I will spray it, get in, wipe it, and shower. We also have extremely hard water, so once a week I throw the shower curtain in the washer for a rinse cycle with a little bleach.


To maintain the MB, when that room is the zone of the week, here is my schedule.

Monday-use sponge mop to wipe walls, front of cabinets.

Tuesday-Window, glass (clean mirror REAL good), & faucets.

This weekly zone is also shared with one additional room, which happens to be my sewing room, so for that one...





Now, on Firday, (that is the day I clean the MB) I sweep, mop, do a good cleaning of toilet. When I do this routine faithfully, each cleaning session only takes about 15 minutes. If I keep the sink area clear, wipe tub as used, swish & swipe toilet each morning, it takes less time than that. Sometimes I will do little bits of my Friday routine on Wed. or Thur evening saving me time on Friday.


Things I want to do to this room, invest in one of those automatic shower cleaners. Fix the mirror, & pick up a few rugs. That is really all I want to do for now, as my hubby has plans to remodel it. We have a jacuzzi tub we are going to install soon, but we are discussing rearanging the bathroom, possibly combining tub & shower, which means one less thing to clean!!!! Iusualy have more candles out, but put them up a couple of weeks ago, just wanted less of a cluttered look.

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  1. You mention a garden blog. Where is it? I really need to get motivated to garden.


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