Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TightWad Decorating

What is Tightwad Tuesday? Head on over to Mary's place and get all the details.

Part of this post is from last weeks post, can you guess which one?
Actually this was writen last week, which is actually this week now, but will be posted next week. HEHEHE!!! In other words, I got an idea wanted to try it, and then wanted to share it, so I wrote this up on the 14th saved it to draft so it could be posted on the 21st. Not that I am organized, just had to share this with you and did not want to add more to today's TWT, and knew that if I did not save it, I would forget all about it.... You know the old saying "I have slept since then".
Anyway, I have had almost everything her for awhile now, the candle is new, oh, and smells of pumpkin spice, MMMMMM, the stringy beady thingy was a gift from my mother a few years back (free is good) the glass heart shaped candy dish was on clearance at Wal-Mart for 50 cents about 5 years ago, the glass candle holder was from a candle that burned out, yep, I dig out the metal wick holder soften the wax and re-use the glass container. Throw this together with one of last week's (or this week's to be posted next week which is actually this week now) items (find it yet???) and all total it cost me $3. Not bad huh? Pretty too, not that I am bragging, and that smell, MMMMM. Let me know what last weeks tightwad item is.

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